Friday, November 8, 2013

Best Fat Burning Exercises: 6 Easy Exercises To Help Lose Body Fat

Firstly, it is not our fault for being over weight with all the companies bombarding us all our life to be fat. But it is time for use to take control instead of chasing lies told to us by these large weight loss companies.

The main issue is to find the best way to get rid of body fat. So let's get started first with some helpful easy fat burning exercises to shrink down that tummy. The fastest way to burn fat is to do these exercises is with regular schedules and a friend.

I know you hear word like easy and simple but that all depends if you decide to be committed to losing your weight. If you believe you cannot lose the weight, you are right.
You must believe and be your support to a longer healthier slimmer you.

Fast and easy ways to get rid of body fat does not mean 7 days, your health is too important for any scams!

With the right exercise done at least three times a week along with a smart balanced meal you will have a more attractive body in no time that you can keep, just from learning how to exercise and eat right as a lifestyle change.

Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises - Proper Breathing Technique Video

Many of us take breathing for granted, we believe that if we were not breathing we wouldn't be here. I urge you to read on, to get this valuable knowledge that can add years to your life and improve your health now.

When we breath, it is called shallow breathing. This is why people that exercise get added benefits because they are forced to breath deeper. There are many that aren't in the position to exercise properly that can benefit from deep breathing as well. Well, let's get to it......

The best times for doing your deep breathing exercise is in the early mornings before 6:30 am and after the rain when the air is cleaner.
Anytime during the day to increase lung capacity is great. Do it during lunch break and after dinner before or during a walk. It's up to you, you always have your tools with you.

Lower Back & Back Pain Exercises

I want to start off saying that I have done every kind of fat burning exercise that took commitment , effort, and a certain amount of pain. But when I injured my back I was introduced to the best lower back pain exercises.

My therapist came up with a program to strengthen my back as well as my legs, inner thighs, and abs. A month later I am more curvy and lost a few inches! What ever you do, don't stop exercising because of the back pain. You need to strengthen your body to ward off the pain. Painkillers will hurt your body in the long run.

Prevent the need for them by getting your body back in shape.
A problem with my sciatic nerve came out of no where. Now that was painful. But I am grateful now that I have been turned on to some really great techniques I want to share with you.

Best Fat Burning & Lower Back Pain Exercises

Exercise Ball Workout. Press Replay! Yes I said "Exercise Ball Workout"! I always thought that the balls were not a strong enough training to get in shape.But I was soooo wrong.

Pregnancy Without The Weight Gain

Pregnant women have a really big concern besides the healthy bundle of joy and it's the body weight gain during the pregnancy. This type of weight sneaks up on us and is hard to avoid while your going through hunger pains. This is a battle that some people lose and suffer with for months or years to come.

The longer the weight from your pregnancy stays on the harder it is the lose it. We worry that our bodies will never be the same.

Discover how to be pregnant without the weight gain.

Being pregnant should be a time of joy and you don't need to stress about weight gain when the only thing you need to worry about is eating and staying healthy for two. We have all been there, I know how it feels when the extra pounds are on you while pregnant, but what we don't want to do is deal with extra inconvenient pounds of fat while caring for a new born. We want our babies and our bodies back.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sore Muscle After Workout Explained - Why Are My Muscles So Sore?

When you first started working out, you probably hated it. Muscle pain and soreness hurts! But as you progressed, you no
doubt embraced it—most of us consider it a signal that we've done our diligence and stimulated plenty of muscle growth. But is that true?

The fact is, there are no studies connecting muscle soreness to hypertrophy. Okay, don’t stop reading yet; you will get some good stuff from being a bit sore–and you’ll probably even want to strive for it. But first you need to know what causes muscle soreness.

It’s believed that the pain is caused by microtrauma in muscle fibers—and it’s primarily triggered by the negative, or eccentric, stroke of an exercise—like when you lower a bench press, squat or curl rep.

Discover How To Lose Body Fat With A Different Approach

No more cardio? Well, not quite—but if you train with weights correctly, you won’t need to visit that boring treadmill quite as often to keep your abs sharp and the fat off.

 I’m not talking about interval cardio, although the weight-training method I’ve been preaching has an HIIT feel to it. That’s the F4X method, (featured in Old School New Body) which is moderate-weight, high-fatigue training with short rests between sets. It burns more fat and pumps up your muscles like crazy too. Here’s the drill:

You take a weight with which you can get 15 reps, but you only do 10; rest 30 seconds, then do it again—and so on for four sets. On the fourth set, you go to failure, and if you get 10 reps, you increase the weight on the exercise at your next workout. Notice how those sets are like intervals with short breaks between—you can even pace between sets to burn extra calories, but there’s more.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Built For Life: Motto for a New You

Built for Life.” Kind of an interesting title, if you think about it, because it has two meanings. The first is staying in attention-grabbing muscular shape for as long as you’re alive and able to exercise—you will remain “built” your entire life, never embarrassed to peel off your shirt at the beach, lake or pool. And as my colleague 60-plus-year-old bodybuilder Tony DiCosta so aptly put it, “You’ll usually be the best built guy in the room.” (Talk about a conversation piece!)

The second meaning is that you’re mentally and physically tough, prepared for whatever life throws at you. You’re “built” to withstand the stress, pressures and problems that come your way throughout your time on this planet—almost like you’ve created a bulletproof mental and physical fortress, able to deflect any negatives, that attitude-altering artillery shot at all of us every day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Reasons Why Elliptical Machines and Treadmills are Useless Exercises

Schwinn 430 Elliptical TrainerI know that all of the elliptical and treadmill worshipers are probably fuming at me now after that article headline, but the fact is, ellipticals and treadmills are one of the least effective methods of working out in existence. With this article, I'll show you how to get a much more effective fat-burning workout without wasting time mindlessly exercising on a boring elliptical machine or treadmill.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat and Enhance Your Body and Health

Do you want to know how to lose that lower belly fat that seems like it got bigger overnight? Like most this belly fat is stubborn and is very hard to get rid of. We dress it up and camouflage but it is still there mocking us.

The only way to get rid of that belly fat is to get serious about doing everything different. If your have been sedentary (not moving), this will cause your fat cells to store fat deep within your stomach where fat is made.

Fighting the lower belly fat battle has to begin with understanding what the health risk are and the truth about what foods kill our belly fat . Only then can you understand how important it is to be committed to reversing the problem.